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It's official!

Hi everyone!

I'm back again with a new blogpost.

Today I'm so happy to say that I can officially go to NYC for 5 months! Now I can hear you all think 'we already knew that, it's not something new?' but for me, it was a stressful time because of all the paperwork that this process asked. Not a lot of people know, but you have to go through a lot of steps to get the approval to go to the US for some months. I already started last year with this whole process, but it wasn't ideal because I hadn't had my graduation yet, so that took a little bit longer than I thought :) Also all the papers have to get signed by me and by a person at the office in NYC itself, so you can figure that it took some time. But now I can happily say that I officially will be going to NYC for 5 months and do an internship at Hickies over there. I got approved by the embassy to go to the US, and believe me if I say that there were added a lot of (funny) questions to answer since there's a new president :)

I'm really starting to realize that the clock ticks and that the 3th of January will be there very soon! But for now, I'm planning a lot of nice things to do with my family and friends. Ofcourse I'm going to miss them, but I'm also very excited for this new adventure! Everyone that knows me, knows I love to have structure in my life and that I love planning things. So it won't be a surprise if I say I'm already making lists of the things I can't forget to pack when I leave (I will definitely struggle to get everything packed in my 2 (!) luggages). Every day, I think of something that I have to bring with me, it's becoming a very long list :) I also bought two new yellow luggages from American Tourister and like the colour says, perfect for in NYC!

At the moment, I'm still working some days to earn some money that I will definitely need when I'm in the big apple.

To end, I thought it would be interesting for you guys that I tell you something more about the company where I will be doing my internship & where I will be staying while I'm there? So I will be doing an internship for five months at Hickies, a company that has designed an alternative for shoe laces. You guys really have to check out their website! A lot of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Jessica Alba wear Hickies, so I think that's really cool and I'm very excited to get to know the brand better and to learn a lot of (new) things.

And while I'm in NYC, I will be staying at the Webster Apartments, it's like 'a dorm', a big building with a lot of rooms (only for girls here) and with some common areas. I'm really looking forward to stay there, in the middle of Manhattan and to get to know a lot of new people!

I can say I'm sooo excited for this new adventure, definitely now, because I know that it's already November, and that means almost December (Christmas, the most lovely time of the year), but also almost the beginning of the new year, and that's when I'm leaving to NYC for 5 months! Aaaaaaah, still can't believe it :)

xxx Eline

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