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The countdown

Hello everyone,

On this day, the 21th of September 2017, I'm starting this little blog.

On this blog, I would like to tell you guys all of my stories that I will experience when I'm in NYC for 5 months, starting from January 2018! I will do an internship at Hickies there and I'm really looking forward to it! I'll also share all the nice places I will discover and all the tips and tricks you need when you're traveling to the city.

I can say that I'm really excited for this new adventure, but I'm also kind of nervous. I can really enjoy my time at home, but I also feel that now is the time to go abroad for some months. Ofcourse I'm going to miss all of the things that I have here, in Belgium. Like my family and friends and the lovely times I have with them, but I'm really looking forward to meet a lot of new people in New York and make a lot of unforgettable memories over there. It's also very nice that some of my friends are planning to come and visit me when I'm there. And of course, my family is also coming for some days! I know that will be an amazing time, to guide them through the city, that then, will feel like my second home.

I've been to NYC twice already, but that was both for a short period, like a week or something. I really want to get to know every little corner of this city and I'm really looking forward to do that! I really love this city and I wanted to take the opportunity to work and live there for some months. I'm really in love with all the different aspects that the city offers, like a lot of different districts and I also like the fact that there's a variety of people living there.

Like I already said, I'm REALLY looking forward to go on this new adventure and to share all of my amazing memories with you!

There are exactly 104 days left before I leave, and I can't say whether I'm feeling more excited or nervous about that!

I'll update you guys with any news,

xoxo Eline

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