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Hello guys,

Here is my second post on this NYC-blog.

Like I already said, I've already been to the city twice, and today, I like to share some of my pictures that I took then.

My first trip to NYC was in 2012 and I was really excited about that! I went with my family and we stayed in an apartment in Brooklyn. It was a really fun trip, and we did a lot of tourist stuff: at night, we went on the Empire state building and had an amazing view over the city, we also visited the usual stuff, like Times Square, Grand Zero, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim and Moma museum and so on. One day, we decided to go to the New York seaside and we went on a boat trip where we spotted some whales. It was an amazing experience! And last but not least, when my mum, sister and I were walking down the streets at the upper east side, we bumped into a big group of girls ready to take a lot of pictures! In that time, my number one series Gossip Girl was still filming, and we happened to be at a building where they were filming inside. Ofcourse, we waited to see who was in there, and then, after a long time, Serena and Dan (aka Blake Lively and Penn Badgley) walked out!!! We were sooo excited to see them for a split second, and we tried to take some pictures. Our trip couldn't have ended in a better way!

In 2014, I went back with my mum, my godmother and her youngest daughter. It was a nice mums-daughters trip and again, I fell in love with this city. We did a lot of touristic things, but we also just walked around and saw a lot of beautiful places. We stayed in an apartment in New Jersey and had a beautiful view from our window! It was again a great trip and I told myself to come back to the city for a longer period sometimes, and now, here I am!

Till next time,

xoxo Eline (that really fits now :) )



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