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Farewell party

Hello everybody

Here I am again! Exactly 5 days to go and to start my big adventure! I'm very excited!!!

Yesterday, I had a little farewell party at home. It was a little American-themed party with some good food & drinks, music and all of my good friends in one room. It was a really fun night and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to some of them already! Not to everyone, cause I will also celebrate new years with some of them tomorrow.

My departure date gets closer and closer! And I'm so excited about that! I'm also a little bit nervous but I'm looking forward to it! It's gonna be a hell of an adventure, meeting new people, discovering new places and doing a very fun internship! Last year, it was my dream to do this all in the city of my dreams, NYC. And now, it's becoming my real life. A dream come true!

Ofcourse, I'm gonna keep you all posted of all of my adventures and I will be posting a blogpost at the end of every week here, on this website.

I hope you will all enjoy reading them, and of course I will be adding some pictures every time, like this time!


xoxo Eline

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