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Week 2

Hi everybody! Here I am again, with my second blogpost! It feels so good to be here, there's a lot to see in this city and everywhere I walk, I see something that I have to take a picture of (the ones that follow me on Instagram have probably already noticed that :).

So last Sunday, like I already mentioned in the previous blogpost, I went for a walk to Central Park. It was so cold, so I put on my Uggs and walked about half an hour to see a little part of Central Park. I was freezing, so I just took a picture there and went back. On my way back, I stopped at a pharmacy (here it's a shop where you can buy anything, not only medicines and stuff) and I also stopped at Dean & Deluca to buy some sushi to eat in my room. At night, we watched the Golden Globes at my residence, it was a very nice and fun show and Seth Meyer, the presenter did a really good job. He made a lot of jokes & made everyone laugh :)

On Monday, I was a little nervous because it was the first day of my internship. I took the subway to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, where HICKIES is located. Actually, the company is located in a big, hip building where a lot of companies are staying, and I immediately felt that it was a very cool space. Everyone was very open and helpful and I felt pretty good there. I got a lot of information, but that's normal on your first day I think. The only weird thing there is that the keyboard of the computer is totally different haha! So I really had to adjust my writing. I wrote a lot of typo's the first days :) It's also nice that there are coming some other interns in the future, looking forward to that. For lunch, we go to the Whole Foods Market that's located next to our building. It's a really nice food market where you can buy anything you want, from making your own salad to getting a soup or doing your groceries. In the mornings, before I go to our office, I sometimes get a smoothie there. We also discovered some other lunchspots in the neighborhood. We already tried a dumpling place and also a place where you can buy a poke bowl, it's like a bowl full of sushi, and very known on Instagram at the moment. We tried this last one on Friday, but some time after that, my stomach got to hurt so bad. I even had to stop working an hour earlier. I wasn't feeling very good and I went asleep at 8pm, so that says enough of how I was feeling. I really hope that I was not feeling that bad because of the sushi bowl, because everyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE sushi!

The next morning I dragged myself to breakfast, because I had to eat something. And when I was miserably sitting there, I got to know a Belgian girl. So that was a nice thing to start to day! Later, I got myself out and went for a walk on the High Line. It is a 1.45-mile-long (2.33 km) elevated park, greenway and rail trail. It was created on a former New York Central Railroad (Thanks to Wikipedia for the explanation :). After, I went to the Chelsea Market and got some really nice postcards in a little shop over there. Then, I walked to fifth avenue, to do some shopping and to enjoy the sales. I went to Zara, H&M and Victoria's Secret. I got some pretty nice stuff and that made my day a lot better :) On my way home, I saw a lot of nice places and also a Belgian Beer Cafe that I definitely have to check out :). I stopped at Starbucks to get a (hot) chocolate chip cookie, because I had to eat something. And when I got back home, I facetimed my parents and watched some netflix while doing my laundry for the first time :).

Today, I'm just gonna chill for some time and go for a walk. And tomorrow, it's a day off because it's Martin Luther King's day or something like that. So that means an extra long weekend! Gonna enjoy it :)

I just really love my time here (I'm here for one week already), and I just love to walk the streets and to get to see all of these (Insta-worthy) places :)

See you next week & enjoy the pictures!


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