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Week 4

Hello everybody! My 4th weekblog, so that means I'm already here for almost a month! Crazy! But still some months to go and some nice visits from my family and friends to come, I'm really looking forward to that!

Last Sunday, I went to Central Park with two of my Belgian friends here. It was really nice to just walk in the park for some time and enjoy the sunbeams. We also saw the well known ice rink in Central Park and it was really fun to see everybody enjoying it. After, we walked to Lexington Avenue, where the Cupcake ATM is located. Like you can see on the picture, you choose a cupcake on the screen, and it comes out of the machine for you. I knew that there was an ATM like this in LA, but didn't know there was one here in the city, so that was a very cool surprise. Later, we went to a little coffee bar and enjoyed our hot chocolate and our red velvet cupcake! We also walked fifth av, where all the luxurious brands are located and it was nice to just watch all the shop windows and to dream of that specific bag from Céline :) We ended up at the Rockefeller and saw our second ice rink of the day there. Then, we walked to the subway and stopped at Times Square to take some pictures.

It was time to start the workweek again! One thing I forget to mention last weekblog (the nicest difference) was that dogs are allowed in the office here. Like I already mentioned, we are located in a big building where a lot of companies are located. So you can see a lot of dogs over there, it's so cute! On Tuesday we went to a nice bakery in Williamsburg to get a cake for the birthday of our boss. The bakery literally has everything you could imagine. The cake was so good, a chocolate layered cake mmm! On Thursday I received a package from my family and I was sooo happy! They sent me some Belgian chips, chocolate, candy, some nice cards, medicins that I forgot to take with me (thanks mummy) and a really cute bracelet (that I started to wear immediately ofcourse). It was such a nice surprise and my mum had such a hard time to keep it a secret :) On Friday, we had sushi for lunch so my workweek couldn't end in a better way :)

Yesterday, on Saturday, we went to Brooklyn by first walking the Brooklyn Bridge! The weather was pretty nice so that was lovely. Ofcourse, we had to take a lot of pictures there :) In Brooklyn, we went to the Dumbo district, that's well known for the picture where you see the bridge in the background, and ofcourse we also had to take a picture there :) On our way back to the subway, we bumped into a nice colored wall, and it was picture time again :) (a lot of pictures were taken that day, i know) After, me and my friend got a $1 pizza slice, sooo good. When I got in my room, I hadn't much time because at 8pm, I got the concert of Khalid in the famous Radio City Music Hall. I was pretty excited about that! And yeah, the hall was so remarkable and very beautiful! Although there were screaming girls everywhere and a really annoying couple in front of me (the guy constantly wanted to kiss the girl, but she wasn't that interested :), I enjoyed the concert so much! The guy is only 19 years old, but already such a talent! He has the voice, the humor and the moves! I'm looking forward to see him again in June, at Rock Werchter! Such an amazing experience! (you can see some pictures and videos I took on my Instagram) And on my way back, I rewatched all the pictures and videos I took and it was sooo nice to experience it again.

Today, it is Grammys day!!! And it had to happen that the Grammys take place in NYC this year, for the 60th (!) edition! It takes place @Madison Square Garden, which is like 3 minutes away from my residence, so we have to check it out later. Maybe we can spot something or better, someone, who knows :) I definitely keep you guys updates of that on my Instagram and in my blog from next week!

That's it for now, enjoy the pictures below and let me know what you think of my weekly blogging, you like it or not so much?

xoxo Eline

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