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Week 5

Hi everybody

Here's one of the two weekblogs that you can read today! As you guys already know or don't know, I was really sick last weekend and didn't do anything. I also didn't have any energy so I wasn't able to write my blog last sunday. So now, I write two!

On Sunday (two weeks ago), it was Grammys day! And this year, the Grammys were in New York, at Madison Square Garden, which is about 2 minutes away from my residence, so me and my friends had to go try to spot something/someone. But unfortunately, they didn't let us go anywhere. For a split moment, we thought we could get in, because we got to talk with a guy that worked there. But no, too bad. All the cars were blinded ofcourse so we couldn't really see anything. But it was crazy to see how everything was handled for such a big event! A lot of celebrities are present at the Grammys. In the evening, we watched the show live, in our big tv room! That was nice though, pretty cool performances and stuff!

On Friday night, we tried to get some cheaper tickets for a Broadway show, but it was still pretty expensive, so we decided not to do it on that moment. Instead, we went to a comedy night. Let's say it was an experience! I think it was just like 20 people sitting there, laughing (or trying to laugh) at some silly jokes that 4 different comedians told us. There was one woman that was sooo annoying, she gave some pretty racist and stupid comments during the show, so that was irritating! It was cool to experience it once though :) On our way back, we stopped on Times Square, to just stand there a little bit, but not too long because it was freezing cold! But ofcourse, we took a picture haha!

Then it was time to start the workweek again. I felt that I was getting sick, so that wasn't a nice feeling. On Wednesday, they asked me to go get a package to the Adidas studio @ MILK studios, in the Meatpacking District, so I went to do that. It's such a pretty building and a lot of models were walking in, I didn't feel at home there haha! On Thursday, I stayed home and was stuck in my bed, but then on Friday, I decided to go back to work, worst decision ever! We had a welcome lunch for some new interns at a Greek place, so that was pretty nice. But I still felt like sh*t so that feeling wasn't nice. The whole weekend, I was so sick I couldn't do anything, I stayed in my bed the whole days and the only social contact I had was face timing my mum and sister (when she was walking home after a night out, pretty funny) once, and still, I wasn't really in the mood to talk a lot, so that was pretty sad. On Sunday it was the Super Bowl, but I totally missed that because I was just laying in my bed and the only things I did were sleeping, watching Netflix and drinking some water.

I also received my Kim K perfume! It smells pretty good and it was a little light point in the sick times :)

So we can say that I didn't really do much that week, but it was a nice week though! I'm still in New York City you know!

Don't forget to also read the blogpost of week 6!

See ya xoxo

77 weergaven
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