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Week 6

Hi again!

The second weekblog of the day!

So on Wednesday, I decided to go to work again! In the evening, on my way home, I stopped at Rituals and some cute pop-up store in Williamsburg! On Thursday, they asked me if I wanted to join a photoshoot for Hickies. Ofcourse I wanted that! It was so cool to experience it, although it was freezing cold and our toes were freezing off haha! We shooted in Brooklyn, on the street, for some hours. So after that, we deserved a little (hot) Thai lunch! After work, me and Valerie went to Calicos! It's a Mexican styled bar were you can drink at half of the price when you say the name of the person that has won that week. So we drank some pretty good margaritas for only $5! I met a lot of new people there! On my way home, I grabbed a pizza slice and ate it while watching Temptation Island (and laughed a lot).

On Friday, I didn't have to work so that was nice! I couldn't sleep late though, otherwise I would miss breakfast. So I just went to get some breakfast and I after that, I chilled in my bed. During the day, I went to the Apple store at Grand Central Station and I got my new battery for my phone! Finally! I had to hand in my phone though, so I did a digital detox for an hour and it was already pretty tough haha! I sat in a coffee bar at Grand Central and read a book, while eating a chocolate chip cookie and drinking an ice tea, so nice! But I admit it was hard to not have my phone with me. I couldn't listen to some music or write something in my notes or text a friend. But I survived haha and my phone is actually much better now! After, I did some shopping (at &other stories and Zara, I bought a sweater, two pants and some jewelry). On my way back, I got some sushi and ate it while watching Netflix. In the evening, I met with a friend from Belgium! I went to a pizzeria with her and her boyfriend! We talked a lot and it was so nice to see her again after a long time, and that in the city! On my way back, on the subway, I heard some older couples talking French and they couldn't figure out where they had to go, so I talked to them in French and helped them out, pretty nice.

Ofcourse, I also facetimed my mummy some times this week, and that's also what I'm gonna do after I've finished writing this blog! My dad is sick now, so he's just laying in the sofa and watching some Suits, so sad to see haha.

On Saturday, I slept late and met Valerie. We went to Soho, but it was raining so hard! So that wasn't cool. But we were just walking and suddenly we saw some paparazzi, standing outside a hotel. There was also standing some girl, so I asked her who was inside, and she said it were Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. I was like omg, we have to see them. So I convinced Valerie to stand there and wait for 2 (!) hours, sorry Valerie haha! But after some time, Bella came out, and she was wearing such a nice coat! Ofcourse I filmed everything, I took like 50 videos haha! But only two of them have some good footage. And an hour later, Kendall got out. But in that hour, the word was spreading, so like hundreds of people came to stand around us, around the car, blocking the whole street. It was cra-zy! We also saw Sara Sampaio (VS model and angel), she was sitting in a car but like I am, I recognized her haha. It's fashion week baby! What a cool experience! (You can check my insta stories to watch the videos, ofcourse :). After that, we did some shops and I decided to just buy the shoes that I already wanted for a long time. Just went with the flow, after this cool experience haha! We got to eat a really tasty pasta at a small restaurant. We also ate some sweet potato fries and they were the best I've ever eaten, we deserved it :) !

In the evening, we met with some other girls and drank some wine. After, we took an uber and went to a party at a rooftop. It wasn't a normal party, it was a silent party (always wanted to do that some time). So the concept is everyone is wearing headphones and you can change between 3 colors, every one of them has a different genre of music, the typical hits of the moment, some jazz/tango music and some R&B. But you can see everyone's color so everyone is dancing in a different way, sooo funny haha! We drank some gin tonics and danced a lot! It was the first time that my mum send me good morning when I was still awake, dancing. So crazy haha! We took a cab home and I was so happy to see my bed haha. It was a pretty nice night and I'm so tired right now haha. It's gonna be a chill day here, doing my laundry (urghhh have to) and watching some Netflix.

Tomorrow it's workweek again and I'm pretty excited! Next weekend, we go to Boston for the weekend so I'm looking forward to that! It's gonna be nice to discover this city! You will read all about it next week, on Monday because I'm coming back home Sunday evening.

Have a good day (already evening in Belgium haha) everyone!

Ciao xoxo

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