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Week 7

Hello everyone

A full workweek again! So nothing really special happened. On Tuesday night, I went to the movies with Valerie. We needed to see Fifty Shades ofcourse :) It was a really nice movie and I'm happy I saw it. on Wednesday it was Valentines Day (not that I really have anything with it) but the building of my internship was decorated and there were also some nice messages written on the mirrors in the ladies room, that was kind of funny but also really thinkful and cute :) Our residence also had thought about this day, we had a special Valentines diner, included some chocolate covered strawberries, so that wasn't that bad, mmm. On Thursday morning, when I wanted to leave the subway in Williamsburg, suddenly the guy in front of me stopped and screamed, it was funny but I didn't know what was going on. Apparently, there were two little rats in front of us. I also I don't like them, but to scream and return to find another exit was a step too far for me. Actually, another day I saw a really big rat on the track, it was sooo gross. And my eye just fell on it, I was so discussed. From that moment on, I'm never looking at the tracks again. Thursday evening, I watched temptation island with Mayté, we need to keep up with our Belgian television, right? :) On Friday it was a regular workday, but it was the day before a long weekend, so that was all good :) Also, my mum's second post package arrived so I was sooo excited about that :) She (again) sent me some nice stuff, from the Flair to some candy and chocolate. Love her. I also facetimed my friends from my youth movement, they were partying so that was kind of funny, but still so nice to see them. I really miss them and all the fun moments we always have together :)

On Saturday morning, we took the bus at 6.40am (kind of early I know haha), I slept a little, watched some Netflix and ofcourse we also talked a lot. 4 hours later, we arrived in Boston. First, we went to our hotel to drop off our suitcases. The room was basic but good enough to sleep for one night. After, we walked by the water and took the bus to Harvard University. It was so impressive and I recognized a lot from the movies and series like for example Gossip Girl, so cool :) There was so much to see and we just walked around. Then, we went to a coffee bar next to Harvard, and we just drank something. After, we took the subway to Beacon Hill, such a picturesque place but actually really nice, it made me think of England. We also walked to the park (Boston public garden) and we saw a lot of squirrels. After, we walked to the Acorn street, such an instagrammable place haha :) Ofcourse we took some pictures there. We also walked by the public library but couldn't get in because it was already closed. We went to the H&M and to the Apple store, always an experience to go there. After, we went to an Italian restaurant and ate some really good pasta, with a glass of wine of course :) Then we returned back to our hotel and chilled a bit, while watching some tv.

The next day we first went to Tatte, a really nice brunch spot. I had an avocado toast and it was sooo good. We also ate some really good tiramisu and some belgian chocolatemousse. Sounds good, right? :) It actually snowed the whole night, so there was a lot of snow. We walked through the park and that was really nice, regarding all the snow laying there. After, we decided to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardener museum (it also wasn't that handy to do a lot, because we had to bring our trollys' with us). The museum itself wasn't that nice (in my opinion) but they had a really nice courtyard that made you feel that you were on a holiday in Spain or something. Really nice to take pictures, so ofcourse we made a lot of them! You can see them below, or on my instagram ofcourse. It's pretty nice to have a lot of pictures that remind you of the good times you had on your trip. After that, we took the subway back to the station and we took the bus back to the city. Boston is a really nice city that you perfectly can visit for a weekend. But it's enough to go there once. I'm really happy I went though :) But it was also pretty good to be home back in the city that already feels like my second home after this month and a half! Immediately we heard all the different sirens again, but that didn't bother me :) I got some McDo with Mayté and we ate it while watching some tv. After, I facetimed my mum (she was already up to get her flight to Portugal and I was going to sleep, actually kind of funny :)

Today, we have a day off because it's President day. It's kind of funny because I'm not supporting this president at all ofcourse, but it's nice to have a day off. Later today, I will be walking in the city with Valerie. That are the best times I think, just walking and see what comes on your way, it could be a celebrity (see last weeks post) or a nice bar or coffee place. I really love to discover new cool places.

See you next week xoxo

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