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Week 11

Hello again!

New week means new adventures, and certainly in this city :)

On Sunday, we went to Central Park and enjoyed the sun while walking around. Loved it, just walking around seeing beautiful places and talking with each other. The Central Park Zoo was closed, so we definitely keep that for another time.

On Monday it was time to start the workweek again. I was excited to start the week, because on Saturday my family would arrive!!! The week couldn't go any faster :) On Tuesday evening, we went to the movies to see the new movie 'Red Sparrow', with our Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts, playing next to Jennifer Lawrence. It was a really good movie! On Wednesday I started to pack my suitcase in the evening and I also chilled a bit. On Thursday, we went to Calicos again because Mayté had won this time :) We drank some margaritas and it was a very fun evening :) On Friday evening, I went to diner with some colleagues, to an Italian restaurant, so nice that I can even do this with my colleagues :) On Saturday it was family time!!! So happy and excited to welcome my family in this city! I took a cab at noon to our airbnb in Brooklyn and waited for some time until I saw a yellow cab stopping outside! I was so happy to see these familiar faces again! In the evening, we went to eat in an Italian restaurant, just enjoyed our night, talking to each other and drinking and eating delicious things :)

Today, the sun shone again, so that was a nice weather to enjoy our first day together here, in the city :) It was still pretty cold though. First, we walked around in Brooklyn, to the Brooklyn Heights and enjoyed the skyline of Manhattan. After, we walked to Dumbo and took the needed pictures there :) We then walked the Brooklyn Bridge, which was pretty nice in this weather. Once arrived on Manhattan, we were so hungry (almost becoming hangry :) and we got some bagels for lunch. After, we went on the World Trade Center, to the Observatory Deck. We had a 360° view and it was pretty cool. But also a bit too commercial for me. I liked the top of the rock better. After we went into the Oculus and the girls shopped a little, the boys went to a bar. Typical, right? :) We took the subway home and are now enjoying a chill night in, cooking and enjoying some delicious things :)

On Monday and Tuesday, I have to work and I'm bringing a lot of Belgian chocolate to work, so my colleagues are gonna be happy :)

Next week you can enjoy the rest of my family time-pictures :)

Have a great week all, I'm enjoying it to the fullest! <3


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