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Week 12

Hi everybody, here I am again :)

In last weekblog you could read that my family has arrived. So happy about that! On Monday and Tuesday, I still had to go to work. But I met with my family after. On Monday, we met at Grand Central and went to Times Square together. When you're in NYC you have to see it :) It's always so busy there, so not that fun but always nice to see. After, we took the subway to my residence and I gave them a small tour :) We also went up to our rooftop and took some fun pictures there. After, we went to a rooftop bar. It was a rooftop bar with iglo's, in which we could sit and warm up. So nice to drink some cocktails there, with a view over the city and over the Empire building. On Tuesday, they came to Williamsburg, where I do my internship and I gave them a small tour in our WeWork building. They loved to see where I spend all my working time :) After, we went to an Irish pub to drink something and after, the girls went for some shopping, while the men drank another beer and went to a brewery. At that time, it began to snow and I wasn't excited about that and the (again) upcoming snowstorm. In the evening we watched a movie together, while eating some (Jimmy Fallon) Ben & Jerry's :) You actually have a lot more tastes of the ice cream here. The next day, on Wednesday it snowed the whole day. We couldn't do a lot, so we went to KT collections, a small jewelry shop and walked in Central Park. It was nice to see the park in the snow. After, we went to the MoMa museum and I found it really nice :) A lot of different art pieces and art styles! After, we walked to the LOVE sign and I took a picture there with my mummy :) In the evening, we went to a sushi restaurant and had an amazing meal there! Sushi is always a good idea :) We also watched temptation island together and had a really fun time with watching it. On Thursday, we had some brunch at a place called Sanctuary T. I had some pancakes with banana and walnuts and it tasted sooo good. After, we walked in Soho, Meatpacking and other nice areas. I really love it here. With the girls, we also shopped a little, again :) We also made a stop at Magnolia bakery and ate our sweets on the Highline! The perfect little break, while enjoying the sun :) We also walked in the Washington Square park and in the evening, we went to a Mexican restaurant and had a delicious meal over there! It was also funny, because we saw 'de Lau' in that little place, people from Belgium will know him :) He was there with Björn Soenens, a Belgium correspondent, from the USA. It was such a small place and still, we saw them there. I guess the world is a small place :) On Friday, at noon we did an escape room. The theme was 'Alice in Wonderland' and it was sooo fun! Really loved it and we made it! :) It was my second escape room and I always like to do it! After, we took the subway to Harlem and walked around there. We also ate some delicious tapas over there and after, we went to a Knicks game (basketball), it was sooo fun to experience it! A lot of show is included and we cheered a lot :)

On Saturday, my sister and brother (with their lovers) went back to Belgium. Before they left, we went for a walk in Prospect Park and ate some delicious avocado toast at a cool place :) Me and my parents rented a car and drove to Washington DC! About a 4 hour drive. And now we're here :) It's such a different city here, but we already saw a lot of cool things! Yesterday evening, we ate something in our hotel, we were so tired. Today, we ate some brunch and walked a lot (again :) We walked the mall and saw a lot of things: the White house (much smaller to see it in real life, I guess the series give us a wrong image haha), a lot of museums and also some different memorials. Now, we're chilling in our hotel room and later we'll be going to diner at a nice restaurant!

I'm so glad my family came to visit me and a part of it is still here! I really enjoyed our time together, as a family :) <3

I'm still gonna enjoy every minute of our time together this week!

See you next week!


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