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Week 13

Hi everyone! Here I am again, with another blogpost :)

Hope you still like to read this little blogpost every week, about all the things that I do here, because I experience a lot of things :)

Last Sunday, I was in Washington with my parents, until Wednesday. So we got to know this city better and we saw a lot of memorials like the White House, the Capitol and so on. Washington is a very different city, but also a nice one. In my opinion there isn't so much going on as in NYC, but I still liked to go there for once :) On Monday, we took the bus to Georgetown, a part of DC and just enjoyed the sun while walking around. We also went to the university there and it was so cool to see. It's so different from the universities in Belgium. After we went to the Spy museum in DC and took a cupcake and a salad with us to our hotel room. We went for a swim in our hotel and enjoyed a relaxed evening. On Tuesday we went to the Capitol visitor's center and it was very impressive to be in there and see a lot of things. In the evening, we went to a bar and after to a restaurant for diner.

On Wednesday, we drove back to NYC (it took about 4 hours) and we took a break at a typical American gas station to enjoy some fries over there for lunch. Once we arrived at our hotel in Williamsburg, we chilled a bit and went to the hotel bar to drink an apérol (a really good cocktail that I also like to drink at home). In the evening, we went to an Italian restaurant and enjoyed a real Italian pizza and some pasta and the best dessert ever, panna cotta mmm. On Thursday I had to work till 4pm and I met with my mum in Soho, we walked around looking for the graffiti's of #hektad, he's a street artist that has made graffiti paintings, all with hearts involved, so cute! My dad went to Wall street because he wanted to see that, once again (maybe it's a male thing haha :). On Friday I also had to work till 4pm and I met with my parents in Soho again, at the pop-up of Hektad. We saw some other beautiful paintings and it was pretty cool. We also went to the Flour shop, it's a shop where you can buy confetti cakes, looked so mjummie! After walking around in this neighborhood we went for a drink in our hotel bar again and enjoyed an Italian diner, on our last evening together. After work, I first went to the Levi's store next to my workplace and I got to embroid my jeans jacket, so cool! You will definitely see it passing by on my pictures :)

Yesterday, I went to the Butcher's Daughter to have a last brunch with my lovely parents and my avocado toast tasted pretty good :) After, we said goodbye and I went back to my little room (without a double bed with a 'donsdeken' :(, spending two weeks in a hotel was pretty nice haha) in my residence. But I'm excited to be back here. After, I met with Anke, a new Belgian girl and we just sat on the rooftop, talking while enjoying the sun (it was actually pretty warm). I also facetimed some of my friends because they were all together for Lisa's farewell party, she's going to Vietnam for her internship, so cool! I miss them all :) Today I brunched and did my laundry (a lot from the past three weeks buuuh), now I'm gonna facetime with my family (miss them already haha) and after, I will be updating my polaroid book and will probably go in the city with some other girls.

Tomorrow it's the beginning of a new workweek again and I'm quite excited to go for it, starting the two last months of my adventure here!

See you


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