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Week 15

Hi everyone!

Last Sunday, I went to brunch with Mayté, Joanna and her sister. It was Joanna's last weekend so we wanted to spend our last weekend together and have fun. We went to a vegan place and had some very good cinnamon waffles. After, we took the subway to the Bronx and went to the Botanical Garden over there. It was sooo cold and there weren't a lot of flowers blooming, but it was still a fun little trip. We took some pictures and saw a lot of flowers in the orangery. We saw some orchids, but also some cactuses and some other green plants. After we said goodbye to Joanna and made a deal that we would definitely see each other again in the future! So looking forward to that :)

On Monday, it was time to start a new workweek. On Thursday I had a day off and went to the recordings of the talkshow 'The View'. It was very different from the Jimmy Fallon show (which we went to the week before), but the guests here were Amy Schumer and John Krasinksi and that was kind of really impressive to see them in real life. After, we walked on 5th avenue and shopped a little. It was a really nice day and the sun also shined so that made it even greater! On Friday we had another workday and we went to lunch for the welcome of a new colleague. After, Ana and me went to get some (healthy) ice cream and enjoyed the sun a little bit, it was already 24 degrees! In the evening I sat on the rooftop with Mayté and we ordered some pizza and drank some wine. It was so nice to sit outside for some hours and just talk. Today, on Saturday the weather was also sooo great. When the sun shines, everything is greater and everyone is happier! We went to Stage 48, a club were the Holiday color party was happening! It was sooo cool to just dance and drink on a rooftop, with the sun on our faces! After we really looked so silly with all the different colors on our faces/bodys, but it was such a cool experience! We went to get some food and went to sit on the grass in Central Park, so nice to see a lot of people picknicking there and see some kids playing. It was the perfect day with the perfect weather! We really had to enjoy it because tomorrow it's only 7 degrees again and it's gonna rain all day :( but that's life and hey, I'm still in NYC!!!

I'm sooo enjoying every minute of this major adventure because the clock is ticking and the time flies!

See you soon guys!


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