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Week 16

Hi everyone!

Last Sunday, we decided to go to the financial district and to just walk around a bit. We walked in Wall Street and saw the charging bull, of which a lot of tourists were touching the balls so we decided to do the same haha, it would give us some luck and some money in the future. Let's hope for that :) After that; we were so hungry we got a milkshake from shake shack and it tasted sooo good. Then we returned to our residence and had diner there before we had a relaxing evening and watched 'De Mol'. Yes, we are loyal watchers haha :)

On Monday, it was the beginning of a workweek again, a what a long one it was! On Monday it was sooo rainy and rained like hell. Speaking of a Monday morning mood haha. On Tuesday evening, we went to the movies again and saw '🐔 blockers', a very funny movie :) On Wednesday we decided to go for a drink with some colleagues. We went to a German beer place and it was very fun. We played some games while drinking some beer and eating some Belgian (very jummie) fries. IT's so nice that I'm able to do that kind of things with my colleagues and I'm definitely gonna miss them when I'm gone!

On Friday, we went to dinner at a colleague's place and he made so much delicious food! It was again a really fun evening and I enjoyed it a lot. When I was back in my room, Mayté decided to come visit me in my small room and we sat there talking for an hour, so nice :)

On Saturday, we took the aerial tram (in the air, pretty much like a big ski lift) to Roosevelt Island, it's a very small island on the right next to Manhattan. It was a pretty sunny day and so nice to just walk around the island and see a lot of blossoms and enjoy the music from the little music festival that was going on. We also saw the ruins of an old hospital that's located on this island. It's called 'the Smallpox Hospital' and was the first hospital (opened in 1856) in the country dedicated to treating smallpox, a highly contagious and deadly viral disease. So you guys are all learning some new things now, right? :) After we just sat down for some time and took some pictures, ofcourse :) We took the aerial tram back to the city and were sooo hungry haha. We saw the famous 'Dylan's candy bar', known from series like Gossip Girl and we had to go in :) We got some free samples of a very good chocolate bar and it was sooo good. They literally have all the candy that you can think of. We took the subway back to our residence's street and we went for dinner in a typical American diner (the ones you think of when you watch series like Riverdale). We all had a burger there with some fries and it tasted pretty good! (Before, we were actually still very hungry and almost becoming hangry so yeah we really had to eat something :) After, we had a movie night at our residence and enjoyed watching a movie while eating some candy :)

Today it's Sunday and we're going to a Yankees game later, so that's pretty exciting! I'll tell you all about it in next week's blogpost and you can also check Instagram (@elinepraet) to see all of the pictures I take here :) I really like to share all of the amazing memories I make here! I'm also gonna facetime my sis after I finish writing this blogpost, because it's already a long time ago!

Have a good week y'all & till next week!


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