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Week 17

Hi everyone!

Last Sunday, we went to a Yankees game and the weather was pretty nice so that was a great start of the day!

We didn't understand anything of the game rules but it was pretty cool to experience it. We enjoyed some ben & jerry's ice-cream (for what we had to wait an hour :). After the game, we took the subway and went to Victoria's secret. Than we went to a salad bar and ate our salad while watching 'de mol'.

On Monday it was the start of a new workweek and that meant my last month of work was starting!

Time flies when you're having so much fun! Tuesday evening, Mayté and I went to to Barnes & Noble on Union Square. It's a big bookshop where the famous actor 'Keegan Allen' was signing his new (photography) book. He answered some questions and signed everyone's book and took a picture with all of us. It was a cool experience and nice to see him in real life but it was kind of an experience to sit between all these yelling girls. We also got some chocolate chip cookies from insomnia cookies and they were sooo good. On Wednesday, Anke and some other girls gave us some private piano concert haha :) She's a really good singer and you can check her NYC vlogs here :)

On Thursday we went to the dream machine, it's a place in Williamsburg with 10 different rooms where you can take pictures. All very instaworthy places and perfect for young girls like us :) It was a very cool experience. After, we all went for dinner to the meatball shop. After we took the subway home and chilled for some time. On Friday night we went to the Whitney museum and enjoyed some (weird) art :) I also facetimed my friends and my sister, they were working at the party weekend of my youth movement. It was the first time we went to sleep together haha.

On Saturday we went to Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo again. we enjoyed the sunbeams and it was sooo nice. We also took the subway to Williamsburg and went to the food market 'Smorgasburg' there. We enjoyed some food by the water and had a nice view on Manhattan. In the evening we watched a movie while drinking some 'Leffe', it's a Belgian beer that Anke got from her work. Today, we went on the Gossip Girl tour and toured in the city by bus. We saw a lot of GG places and it was cool to recognize these places. After we took the subway to Soho and just walked around there. For lunch, we got an avocado toast with some sweet potato fries and enjoyed a rosé sangria, that was the best lunch ever haha.

Tonight, my friend from Belgium Sam is in town and we're gonna go to diner together. We're going to Carmine's and hopefully the food is going to be delicious :)

Have a good week you all!

And Belgium, see you again in 4 weeks! (tomorrow exactly in a month)


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