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Week 18

Hi everyone!

So last Sunday evening, we met with my Belgian friend Sam and went to dinner together. He's on a trip here with two of his friends, and I invited 4 other girls to dinner, so we were 8, which is quite a big group :) It was a really cosy dinner and everyone talked with each other even if they didn't know each other before, which I liked very much :)

On Monday it was the start of a new work week again and it seemed to become a nice one, the weather was gonna be sooo good! So I was a happy kid :) On Tuesday the good weather was starting and at work, we lunched on our rooftop, it was sooo nice! In the evening, we met with some girls on the rooftop of our residence. We drank some good Belgian beers and enjoyed the good weather while listening to some music. I really felt so lucky to spend nights like this on a rooftop, in new york f*cking city!!! And I realize that the clock is ticking and that I'm almost going back to Belgium. I'm looking forward to be home again, because ofcourse I miss my family and friends. But I feel sooo blessed and lucky to be on this adventure, in the city of my dreams. I can't express this enough, thanks to the best parents! And I don't know how I'm gonna feel when I'll be back home, but one thing I know for sure is that on this adventure I made friends and memories for life.

On Wednesday the weather was sooo good again that I worked on the rooftop at work. In the evening, we sat on our rooftop again and had a great time, again :) We drank some gin tonics, sang some good songs and again, had the time of our lifes! After, I facetimed my sister who was waking up as I was going to sleep :)

On Thursday, me and Mayté didn't have to work (I worked a little in the morning) and we enjoyed the (kind of too warm) weather while laying on the rooftop. I actually believe I'm tanned a little already haha! In the afternoon we went to the Hilton hotel where we had to register for 'the Youtube brandcast event'. After waiting for a long time, we took the bus (even if it was only 3 blocks away) to the Radio City Music Hall. We had to wait there again, and after some time we could enter the venue. So the 'Youtube brandcast' is a yearly event for all the big Youtubers. Some of them gave a little speech and after, we were in the front row when Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande performed! That was kind of cool to experience :) These things just happen here :) So we had a really fun night and when I came home, I watched the last episode of Temptation Island while eating some pizza (and M, je bent wel letterlijk een zwijn :p). On Friday it was time to work again and the weather was still so good. In the evening, me and 3 other girls planned our trip to The Hamptons (which is in two weeks, jeej happy kid over here!). Ofcourse you will read everything about this in the blogpost from that week :)

Today, on Saturday, we relaxed on the rooftop again and I have to say that I like it to just read something on the roof :) It's been since I've read a book, and it's actually pretty relaxing! I also just facetimed my mum, who is on a biking trip with some friends, she's excited that I'm almost home, that cutie :)

Tomorrow it's Sunday again and two Belgian friends of me are in the city, so I'm gonna meet them. We're gonna do something together and probably also have dinner :) Excited for that!

Have a good weekend y'all and till next week!


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