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Back home!

Hi everyone!

So this is my last blogpost for now, on Thursday morning I arrived in Brussels Airport. My family (mum, dad and sister were waiting for me). It was so nice to see their faces again but I was sooo tired (couldn't sleep on the 8 hour flight, I missed a whole night so in the afternoon I did a (long) power nap). I also started to unpack my suitcases but I was sooo tired. On Friday, I went to Antwerp with my mum and we did some shopping, we also visited a friend who has a new puppy, and as you can see on the picture, he's sooo freaking cute! I gave the dog a little donut to play with haha how American right? On Saturday, we had a family day and went to Ghent, we walked around and hired a boat for some hours. It was very cool and relaxing to be in the centre of Ghent, on a boat with a couple of drinks and some snacks :) To be together with the whole family again was also pretty nice :) Yesterday I had my first day at the Chiro again and it was a good day. The sun was shining and the kids were happy to see me again, as I was happy to see them :)

Now I have to figure out what I'm gonna do with my life from next year on! I'm not sure if I'm ready to go working already, but I guess I kind of have to.

You can still follow me and my upcoming adventures on my Insta.

I hoped you all enjoyed reading this little blogpost every week, I'm gonna enjoy re-reading them to relive all the crazy NYC adventures I had there :)

PS. I also added some pictures of my last days in NYC :) On Monday I went to dinner with my two co-interns and some other Belgian friends, it was a nice evening! And on my last evening, we had a lovely evening on the rooftop, with some (Belgian) beers and some snacks. I had the most amazing time with all the girls! Can't wait to see them again!



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