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We went back to the city

Hi everyone

Here I am again, just a little blogpost to tell you guys about the amazing week I had last week, when I was back in the city with 3 of my Belgian friends that I met there last year.

We had a lot of fun and did some amazing things, picking up the memories we made last year.

We had a very long flight, with a 10h lay-over in Lisbon, so we went to discover the city a little bit. After, we had a very long 8h flight to NYC. It was the longest flight we had, I couldn't sleep properly and the movies on the plane weren't special. So it wasn't a good flight. We arrived in our hotel at midnight, exhausted and we went to bed immediately.

On our first day we walked the Brooklyn bridge, went to Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights. We ate lunch at my favorite place in the city: By Chloe. We also did some shopping and ended up watching the Superbowl in a bar next to our hotel.

On Monday, we started the day eating some mjummie pancakes at George'

s (a place close to our hotel). After, we went to Williamsburg and went to my internship (HICKIES) and I was sooo happy to be there again and see some of my colleagues again! After we did some shopping and strolled around in the hip neighborhood of Williamsburg. We went to Domino park, ate some lunch at the waterfront and walked the Williamsburg bridge. For dinner, we went to a very good Italian in Soho. On Tuesday, we started doing some shopping on 34th street (the street we lived in last year), Victoria's secret let's go! And after, we went to the internship of Anke & Sara. We ended up picnicking in Bryant Park and visiting the Public library. In the evening we went to the 9/11 museum. I already visited it in 2014, but it was still impressive to see. On Wednesday, we walked the Highline, went to Chelsea Market and did some shopping (again oops). We also went to an art gallery and took some pictures there. After, we went to Columbus Circle and we ended the evening watching the musical 'Wicked'. It was a very nice show to watch! Happy I saw it!

On Thursday we spent the day in Soho, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. While walking around, we saw a lot of people taking pictures on the street, it was NYFW so the chance we saw someone well known was real. And we did, we saw the youtubster 'Kelsey'. After, we went to the pop-up store of Glossier. We also had the idea to get another tattoo and yes we did. We went back to the tattoo shop we had our tattoos last year. The people from there recognized us, funny! After that, we went to eat some Shake Shack, we actually waited a long time for this and god it tasted good haha! After that we met up with some of my colleagues in a bar and had some drinks there. We had a really fun time together! On Friday (our last full day), we went to Washington Square Park and also tried to get in at NYU-faculty, but that didn't work out as we wished :) After, we went to 34th street again and visited the residence we stayed in for some months last year. It was sooo nice to be back there again! We talked to a girl that's in my class this year, who is just starting her internship in the city and who's staying at the residence. After, we walked around in Central Park and enjoyed the sun, nature and music from the guys singing at Bethany Place. After that we went to a bar and drank some cocktails, to celebrate the good results of our schools. On Saturday, it was time to go back home already. I really enjoyed this week, being back in the city of my dreams, reliving our one of a kind memories we made last year! In the morning, we went to Stone Street and walked around in Financial District. And it was so freezing cold, so for that it was a good thing we went home (we actually had very good weather during this week, it really felt like spring, so lovely)!

After a 2h + 6h flight we arrived back in Brussels, and that felt good in a kind of way, but I also can't wait to go back again! There's always something new to discover in the city. Even though I felt sooo exhausted when I arrived home.

If you wanna see everything we did last week, check out our little video on my Youtube channel!

Also check out my Instagram page to see some amazing pictures we took there (ps: also check out my highlighted stories)!

We had the time of our life, again 👭👭🗽🍸🇺🇸

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