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Back in my favorite city - Guide

Hi guys!

Last week I finally was back in New York, after 2 years! The last time I went there is just before COVID hit, in February 2020, with two girlfriends. When it hit the news this November that we could go back (you couldn't travel from Europe to the US before), my mum and I booked our tickets some time after that! And how amazing it was to be back in the city where I made a lot of good memories when I lived there for 5 months in 2018!

It was so nice to just see the differences the city has went through, but also the small things that were still the same. And the best part was that I could just walk around without feeling lost at all. I would say it felt really good to be back.

We stayed at the Citizen M hotel in Bowery, which is an amazing location with some great neighbourhoods, like Soho, Noho, Little Italy, Nolita & the Lower Eastside. It was the best location ever and we had an amazing view over the city, when in our room. The hotel also had a nice rooftop bar and a nice lobby area where you could just sit, eat and have a drink! When we walked out of the hotel, it just was a 5-minute walk to some amazing breakfast spots and some nice shops. I really like the 'new' breakfast place (it wasn't there a couple of years ago) "Bluestone Lane" and I had the best avocado toast there, actually had it a few times that week, oops. It was also another short walk to Soho, and be in one of the prettiest areas NY has to offer, in my opinion. I would really recommend this hotel and this area. It's also close to the Williamsburg bridge, what brings you to one of my other favorite areas: Williamsburg. It's a totally different vibe than Manhattan and much quiter and in my opinion more hip. You can stroll around there and take the ferry to Manhattan, after you enjoyed the incredible view over the skyline, truely breathtaking.

On my Instagram: I'll make some guides where you can see some different recommendations to go, eat and drink and a lot more. I also made some stories and you can still check these by clicking on my story highlight. And of course keep an eye on my account to see a lot more nice content, coming as posts. The NY content is not done at all, no worries :)

I'll already made a short guide here for a week-trip to NYC and mention all the things we did this trip:

  • Day 1:

    • Flight BRU-JFK

    • Arrived at hotel: installed and unpacked everything

    • We walked around in the neighbourhood: visited some local bookstores

    • We had dinner in Little Italy and had a nice pizza!

    • And we enjoyed the hot weather and the sunset

    • We went to sleep early (jetlag is hitting)

  • Day 2:

    • Woke up early and got to enjoy the view out of our bed

    • Had an (early) breakfast at The Butcher's Daughter

    • Strolled around in the neigbourhood

    • Spotted Gigi on her morning walk

    • Got a cookie from Levain Bakery, had to try this one

    • Walked to Washington Square Park

    • Got a jummy Starbucks drink, to keep us fresh (it was 33° wow)

    • Bought some lunch at the Wholefoods Supermarket (and enjoyed watching the satisfying layout haha) - on Columbus Circle

    • Had a picknick in Central Park and walked around there (mostly in the shadows because we were melting)

    • On this hot day, we went to the MET Museum and enjoyed two fashion exhibits

    • We walked around in UES and got an ice cream @Van Leeuwen, mjam

    • Got some Shake Shack and a drink at the rooftop bar of the hotel

  • Day 3:

    • Had breakfast at our new fave spot: Bluestone Lane

    • Walked around in Soho and did some shopping

    • Went to The Strand Bookstore and looked into some nice books

    • Strolled around to the Flatiron (which was in construction so you couldn't see anything haha)

    • We went to the NY Public Library, which is next to Bryant park and The Grand Central Station. After that we did some shopping in the area

    • We had a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery and went onto Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller, which has a very nice view of the city

    • We had a salad from Sweetgreen and ate it in our room, while watching some no brainer tv

  • Day 4:

    • We had a nice bagel from Black Seed for breakfast, mjum!

    • Then we walked down to Battery park and got a nice view on lady Liberty

    • We went into another nice bookstore

    • We also went to take a look at the 9/11 Memorial and went into The Oculus, a very nice architectural building

    • Then we went to Brooklyn and had a nice lunch at Cecconi's in Dumbo

    • We took a nice walk next to the water, with a view on the the skyline of Manhattan

    • Another great tip is to go to the top floor of the Timeout Foodmarket, you'll get a nice view there!

    • We walked the Brooklyn Bridge back to Midtown-Manhattan

    • We went back to the hotel to put back all our shopping wins of that day

    • After, we got to a local shop with some nice musthaves and we had some nice taco's @Tacombi, another recommendation!

  • Day 5:

    • We had another great breakfast at Bluestone Lane

    • We decided to go to Williamsburg for the morning, we strolled around and went to the waterfront where you have an amazing view on the skyline of Manhattan

    • Took the ferry back to Manhattan and went to Hudson Yards

    • We did some shopping at the shopping center and had an amazing lunch at the (new) Spain foodmarket there

    • Then we had a piece of cake sitting next to the Vessel, with a nice view

    • We went to the relatively new viewing point 'Summit one'. It was a very special experience, with difference rooms and views, very impressive!

    • Did some more shopping

    • Had a quick dinner before going to the broadway show 'Potus', which was very funny!

  • Day 6:

    • Had a very nice yoghurt as breakfast at Jack's Wife Freda

    • Walked around and went to a nice magazine shop, of course I had to buy some

    • We walked to the Meatpacking District, which is also one of my favorite areas

    • Went to the Chelsea Market and strolled around

    • Had some amazing pizza from Artichoke as lunch

    • Walked around some more to Little Island, which is also a new and green project on Manhattan

    • Then we walked the highline to Hudson Yards and I went on another viewing point: The Edge. I could see the residence I stayed at when I lived here from up there, so that was a nice view!

    • We had some nice dinner from Chipotle and a drink at the rooftop of our hotel, again :)

  • Day 7:

    • We had another nice bagle as breakfast and just strolled around

    • We started to pack our suitcases, which was a challenge with al the gifts we got

    • Then we got our last dinner of the week at Gelso & Grand, which is a nice Italian restaurant and we ended the night with some nice cookies from Levain Bakery, delivered by an amazing friend that's living in the city!

  • Day 8:

    • We had a relaxing morning and walked around in the neigbourhood

    • We went to The Fotografiska Museum, which had nice photo exhibits and after we got an iced tea from Ralph's Coffee Bar

    • We flew back from EWR to BRU and arrived early in the morning! Home sweet home!

Don't forget to check out all the tips & to do's on my Instagram! Enjoy!

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