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Eline in Paris

Hi guys

Another small blogpost about a trip to Paris that I did back in November, with a friend. Paris is also always a good idea! It's only a train right away, which is very convenient. We took the train in Brussels and had a croissant and a smoothie to go. When we arrived at Gare de Nord in Paris, we immediately went to the hotel and we dropped our luggage. We strolled around a bit and grabbed a hot chocolate on the go. We stopped by Le Jardin du Paris Royal where we just took a seat and did some talking and people watching :) We walked around a bit more by the Louvre, which is always nice to see. We had a reservation at Le Musée d'Orsay, which was the first time for the both of us. We really wanted to go there and we walked around there for a few hours, there's a lot of things to see. It was a very nice visit to see and to discover all different art together. After we just walked around by the waterside and we bumped into Le Marais, which is a very nice area. We just walked around and visited some local stores. Then we had a small lunch and got a drink so that was nice. After we walked around a bit more and went to a nice bookstore, before checking in at our hotel. We had a glass of bubbles on our small terrace and relaxed for a bit. After that we walked to the Italian restaurant were we had a reservation. We had dinner at Libertino (which is also one of the Italian restaurants of the Big Mamma Group). We had a very nice dinner and some good drinks. We started with a cocktail and had some wine. I had some burrata and a pizza, and my friend had some pasta and meat which was really nice. We ended with some tiramisu and limoncello which was a good ending of the evening. When we got back to the hotel we had a face mask and talked some more. We had a very good night with a lot of talking and laughing, which in my opinion is the best kind of evening.

The next morning we had some typical Parisian breakfast: a croissant and a piece of bread with butter, a hot chocolate and some orange juice. We did some more strolling and both went to a different museum. I went to the Jacquemus store and to the Yves Saint Laurent museum and my friend went to Le Centre Pompidou. At the Jacquemus store, it was raining a lot so I got an umbrella to use. The people were very friendly and I just took a look into the store and got another handbag which I already wanted for a long time. I was happy to got to take a look into the very cool store. After I went to the YSL museum which is in his old atelier. It was very nice, a museum about the history of the brand, I saw some epic outfits and his old office/atelier. After me and my friend met again at Le Fondation de Louis Vuitton which was also very nice to see. We saw different art, including some Monet pieces. After that, we went back to our hotel to pick up our luggages and went to the train station to go back to Brussels. We had a very good weekend and can say that Paris is also always a good idea! Au revoir!

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