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My list of Youtubers to watch

Hi there

Here I am again with a new blogpost. As the title tells, this time I'm talking about my favorite youtubers to watch.

As I've almost watched everything on streaming websites like Netflix, Videoland, Amazon Prime,... (or at least I think I have), or I've spent a lot of time searching for a new series/movie I want to watch on there, here's another channel where there's always something to watch: Youtube. And it's free, the only thing you have to cope with is the advertisements. I watch a lot of vlogs and love to get a view into people's life. Sometimes I even rewatch some vlogs & the best feeling is when you discover a new channel of which you like the content so much, and you can start to watch all of the videos one after the other! I hope you'll also get that exciting feeling :)

I'll work with some categories, as that makes it way easier for you guys. There's also always a link added when you click on the name of the channel, so go check it out! :)


As you may already expect, I watch a lot of NYC-related videos. I just love to watch the NY environment and all the things going on in these people's videos.

- Anke Babeliowsky: a Belgian girl I met on my adventure in the city when I lived there for 5 months. She made some vlogs during our time together. All of the adventures we went on and the best memories we had together are recorded on video. It's not a amazement that I rewatched her videos a thousand times already!

- Claire Lucia: a Dutch girl who also lived in NY for some time and put her adventures on video. Before I went there I watched all of her vlogs, and I also kept watching her videos after. I just love to see all of the NY content.

- Elena Taber: an American girl who moved to the city two years ago. I really love her type of videos and the edits she makes in it. I've been following her moving to some other places within the city and always love to see her NY content.

- Erik Conover: he's an American real estate agent that lives in a very beautiful loft in Soho in NY. As I love to see into people's homes, I really love his content, from traveling around the country to get a better view into the biggest mansions to some New York-content in his loft and walking around in his neighborhood with his dog.

- Gergana Ivanova: every sunday there's a new vlog up, and I love to include that in my Sunday ritual. I really love her style of videos, including some relaxing moments, some city strolls, her pretty dog and some nice and chill music.

- Lily Chee: a young american girl living in nyc her whole life. I love her content of her regular life in the city.

- Louise Jorge: a Swedish girl I've only been following recently. But I really love her style of editing and the content she delivers. There's a new video every week and I just saw there's a new one on right now, so I'll definitely go check it out after writing this blog.

- Margot Lee: another American girl, studying in the city an recently also moved there. I love following her journey in the city.

- Tess Christine: an American girl, expecting her first baby atm and focusing on some fashion content and strolling around in the city.

- Tar Mar: an Irish girl, living in a beautiful loft in Brooklyn. She's very into interior, pretty items and photography. All things I also love, so it's not a surprise I really love her videos.


Who doesn't love to travel and to watch some other people do it?

- Emitaz: a Swedish girl that lives in Barcelona at the moment, but recently lived in London. I really like her fashion/interior/travel content en the type of her videos. Every Sunday there's a new one up, so another adding to our Sunday ritual.

- Hanna Bronfman: an American entrepreneur that lives in NYC but loves to travel (pre covid-times) and is maintaining a very healthy lifestyle. She also recently became a mom, so there's also some baby-content included now.

- Doutzen Kroes: of course we all know her from her modeling career, but she's also very much into fashion, health, body, mind & traveling.

- Devon Windsor: another model that also makes nice videos, jumping on all the trends going on at that moment.

- Janni Olsson Deler: a Swedish mom (& mom to be), living in Spain. Earlier in the day, she mostly made travel content, but that is changing a little now.

- Kenza Zouiten: another Swedish mom (& mom to be), loving fashion and traveling.

- Shay Mitchell: we all know her as an actress in Pretty Little Liars, but she's also a mom that makes some fun videos to watch.

- Vivian Hoorn: a Dutch photographer, making some pretty travel content all around the world, together with her boyfriend.


As fashion is another of my passions, I really love to watch videos about it.

- Derek Blasberg: as the head of fashion for Youtube, he makes a lot of nice videos full of fashion trends and with some nice guests.

- Iris Amber: a Dutch girl with her own style of clothing, really like her content.

- Lizzy van der Ligt: another Dutch girl, she's a fashion stylist with some nice content.

- Louise Roe: a British fashion stylist that also makes videos, full of fashion.

- Matilda Djerf: a Swedish girl, of which I really like her content. I love her style of clothing but also her interior and way of living.

- Negin Mirsalehi: a Dutch entrepreneur and the owner of the hair products brand 'Gisou'. I really like her videos, going from fashion weeks content to travel content and daily vlogs. Also her cute dog is included in some videos.

- Karlie Kloss: we know her as a model, but she's also a tech entrepreneur. And don't forget that one time I was sitting in the subway in NY and just came to sit across her.

- Romee Strijd: a Dutch model & recently became a mom. She used to travel around the world, and she also makes some fashion videos.

- Sanne Vloet: another Dutch Victoria's Secretmodel. She used to live in NY and now lives in LA. She's really into fashion, exercising and a healthy way of living.

- Song of Style: I've been following her for a long time already and I really like her fashion styled videos.

- Tamara Kalinic: she's a UK blogger and very into fashion. She's living in Paris at the moment and I really like her daily fashion content.

- Xenia Adonts: a German influencer and owner of the clothing label 'Attire'. I really like her fun content and she's making some more videos recently so that's fun.

- Vogue: Vogue comes with a lot of fun fashion and skin-care related videos, including some influencers and celebrities.

- Architectural Digest: I also really like some nice interior. AD is going into celebrities' homes and showing us around, so we really get the feeling we're there.


I think vlogs are the type of content I watch the most on Youtube. I really like to get a view into the people's regular lifes.

- Anna Nooshin: a Dutch entrepreneur that made a lot of vlogs back in the day. At the moment she doesn't anymore but we can always rewatch her other videos.

- Ava Jules: a girl that lives in Hawaï and makes content while being there. As you can imagine, her life is one to be jealous at.

- Benthe Liem: a Dutch fashion girl that used to make some fun videos. I really like her type of content.

- David Dobrik: I think everyone knows him as the king of the vlog squad, as he brings his viewers with him on his adventures every day, with his 4:21 videos.

- D is for dazzle: another Dutch girl that likes to vlog her life.

- Hannah Meloche: an American girl vlogging her life for some years now. Atm, she's living in Hawaï with her friend Ava Jules, so that brings some good content.

- Hannes Vlogt: I love to watch his Belgian vlogs, including his son Rae Morris and the fun adventures he goes on.

- Jolielot: a Dutch girl vlogging her life, including her pretty interior and her newborn.

- Juultje Tieleman: another Dutch girl vlogging her life, I really like her no-nonsense content, including all the things she does during her daily life.

- Linde Merckpoel: I really like her down to earth and funny content, especially the vlogs during the first lockdown where a bright spot in the darker times back then.

- Monica Geuze: a Dutch vlogger that films her daily life in a fun way, including all the work stuff and her cute daughter. She's also really down to earth and real, and I really like that.

- Olivia Rouyre: an American girl making some nice videos, sometimes together with her friend Emma Chamberlain.

- Queen of jetlags: a Dutch vlogger that films her daily life including her family, pretty interior, her brand, fotoshoots and who is just also very real.

- Yara Michels: another Dutch girl vlogging her life (the Dutchies are way better at it, apparently). I really love her brand 'Ateljé', you really have to go check it out.

- Cass DiMicco: a channel I recently discovered. She used to live in NYC but recently moved to Miami. She's very busy with her jewelry brand 'Aureum', which I really like.

- Hannah Godwin: an American girl that participated with 'the Bachelor'. I really like her videos and her way of living.

- Summer Mckeen: a young American girl who has been vlogging her life for some years now. I really like her style.

- Sara Henni: another one of my friends, having a youtube channel. I really like her video-aesthethics. Her videos include her adventures abroad (in Hawaï, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and some of her lockdown adventures at home :)


We all love to watch some funny content, don't we?

- Emma Chamberlain: I think we all now this name. She's very down to earth, despite her success. I really like her videos and how fun she is.

- Rianne Meijer: a Dutch girl that makes the best 'insta vs reality' content and that also makes some funny videos.

- Sienna Gomez: an American tik tok-star which is very funny and makes some good content. I really like her videos.

- Casey Neistat: he's an OG when it comes to Youtube. I like the videos he makes.

- Kurkdroog: a Belgian channel of two boys that make some funny videos, asking people on the street some questions and getting the most funny answers.


Some podcasts are also available on Youtube, sometimes with picture.

- Ashley Graham: I've been loving her content for a while now and also love to listen/watch to her podcast. She has very nice guests on her podcast and talks about interesting topics.

- Between Good & Evil: I really like Charlotte d'Alessio's podcast, talking with her friends about their lifes.

- Call her daddy: maybe you've already heard of this one, but from time to time I love to listen to this podcast of Alex. She's very funny and talks about some topics that not everybody dares to talk about so openly.

- Gossip Guy: a Belgian guy, with some influencers/BV's as guests, talking about their lifes.

- Views with David Dobrik: ofcourse Mr Dobrik also has his own podcast, starring some of his (famous) friends and talking about the things going on in their lifes.

I hope you enjoy watching some of these videos on Youtube. There will be a whole new world opening up for you guys!

Let me know which one is your favorite!


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