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Hi there

Here I am again with a new blogpost. As the weather is so bad in Belgium (it's snowing in April, like what?), I'm thinking about the sunny days every second of the day. I really long for the summer days full of sun, bbq's, some drinks, music, friends and family. How awesome sounds that? I really can't wait for summer, even if it will be a weird one again.

I just love to be outside in the evenings, reading a book or having a drink with some friends/family.

I just wanna make a list of the places that I've already visited and that I really liked on the one hand, and the places that I really want to visit one day and that are put on my bucket list on the other hand.

Top 10 places I've visited

New York City: of course this city is the first one on my list. I love every part of it, the variety of people living there, the architecture, the speed of everything going on, the many areas that are all so different, the good food, the rooftops, all the memories I made there in the 5 times I've been there already, and so much more. (If you want to read something more about my 5-month adventure in the city, go read the blogposts wrote when I was there, starting with this one). I would lie if I say I don't think about going back every single day. I really can't wait to hop on a flight again and spend some time there, discovering new places, making new memories & meeting some of my friends I made there, and that all in the best city I know.

London: my second favorite city. I've already been there a few times and I loved every single one of them. I love to go for a long weekend, do some shopping, go to a museum, have some good food and drinks and just walk around. Another thing I really like is that it's so easy (pre-corona times) to go there: just jump onto the train for 2 hours and you arrive in London. I also really like to British accent :) I'm curious what will be different when we will go back for the first time post-Brexit.

France: this country has so much to offer. Of course a citytrip to Paris is in my opinion always a good idea. Wandering around, looking at all the great buildings and eating some croissants or cheese and wine in front of the Eiffel Tower, that lights up every hour in the evening, sounds perfect, right? This trip also takes only 2 hours to go there by train, so that's very easy! Some other parts of France I really like is the North, mid & South of France! I love to go on a holiday there, by car, so that's a good road trip to have with family and friends. A must to do is visit a winery at a chateau and have a wine tasting, I have some good (tipsy) memories doing that :) I also really like to go to Switzerland, since I have some family living there. I can really enjoy the snow for a day or two, but I'm really more of a sun person!

Italy: another good location to have a summer holiday with friends or family! Really love this country, all the great small villages it has to offer and of course the good food and wine! The perfect combo :) Normally, this summer we'll go there with the family! Can't wait to taste the real Italian pizzas, pastas & Multepulciano wine!

The Hamptons: when I lived in NYC for some months, I went there for the weekend with some friends, by car. We had a lovely time, discovering the nature and seaside and having some good food & drinks. It really felt like a movie for a little bit to be there :) Hopefully one day we'll go back with some more budget haha, or maybe one of us will own a villa there? We can dream, right? In 2018 I also visited some other American cities: Boston & Washington. I'm really glad I went there and discovered the cities. The thing I really liked about Washington is that I got to recognize all the political buildings from some series I've been watching, like Designated Survivor and Scandal. I think it's also very interesting that I've been in the Capitol, what an experience, especially after everything that was going on there earlier this year.

Copenhagen: As I really like the Scandinavian atmosphere, fashion style and architecture, I loved to visit Copenhagen! I've also already visited Stockholm, but I would really like to visit both of these cities again one time, as I really want to discover them more :)

Berlin: I went to Berlin for the first time when I was 19 years old. This trip was a part of a study, so I went with some teachers and my classmates. I remember that the weather was so bad and Berlin always really feels like a grey city to me. In 2019 I want back with some friends and we went to LollaPalooza, a big festival held there. It was a very different experience, and if I think about it now, I really like the city. I can't say it's been my favorite, but I feel the creativity in the air and that's something I really like.

Ibiza: I've been here in the summer of 2019, with my family. I really like the relaxed vibe going on on the island. There are a lot of nice beach bars, some abandoned small beaches and a lot of good food and drinks. There's also a lot of pretty nature to see. Would definitely go back again one day!

Madrid/Lissabon: I went to both cities several times and I've always liked it. I'm really into the good atmosphere, some real Pasteis de Nata, the nice architecture and of course, the good weather :)

Amsterdam: as I really like the Dutch vibes in every aspect like social media, brands, the architecture, museums,... I always enjoy going to Amsterdam or Rotterdam for a weekend. The last time was with my mom, around the Christmas time of 2019 and I really enjoyed it. We did some shopping, went for a boat ride, had some good food and drinks and enjoyed the christmas vibes (seeing the christmas lights everywhere in the city really gives you a happy feeling). I would definitely recommend everyone to go there!

10 places I want to visit

Iceland: I really like to go there one time, enjoying the pretty nature, seeing the Blue Lagoon and hopefully seeing the Northern Lights if I'm lucky! That would be a dream.

Marrakesh/Cappadocia: I've seen a lot of pictures from these parts of Turkey. I've already been to Turkey in my last year of high school, when I was 18, but we've only seen some other parts of the country back than. I've also seen the pictures of all the hot air balloons in Cappadocia, how magical does that look?

LA: of course I really want to visit some other parts of the USA. LA and California in general are some location that really appeal to me. I would love to do a road trip here with some friends, get to know the other parts of the USA and get to see the beautiful nature parks.

South-Africa/Cape Town: as both of my sister and brother have already visited it, I would also really like to go one time. The pictures look awesome! A safari would be so special to do, and also of course enjoying some good food and wine, with some amazing views.

Australia: of course this place is also on my bucket list. I would really like to discover the nature, the different cities, the vibes and the kangaroos :)

Hawaii: who wouldn't want to go there? I've seen some amazing pictures and videos from all the nice places there, and would like to discover them myself.

Croatia: also seems to have some beautiful nature, clear water in the sea and some beautiful islands. Would really like to get to know this country as well.

Tokyo: this place has always been on my list. I think the city has an amazing atmosphere, a lot of nice places to visit, some good restaurants, nice museums and just the Asian culture in general.

Mykonos/Santorini: as I've already been to Rhodos with my family and another family that's been our friends since we're little, I would also really like to discover these places. When we were in Rhodos, we visited some small villages and went to some really good restaurants. We all know these two places from the white houses with the blue roofs and the amazing beach vibes. Ofcourse the food is also pretty good in Greece.

Cuba: if I think about this country, I think about the colored houses, colored old cars and the big cigars. How fun would it be to discover this all one day?

Am I the only one that has made a list of everything I want to see/do in my life since we've been in quarantaine last year?

I've always been a fan of lists, and especially this one, when it's all about some good vibes and good plans for the (hopefully very soon) future! Can't wait to start planning some trips again with friends and family!

Hope you liked it, go check out the highlights on my Instagram to see some pictures of my past (& future) trips :)


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