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Sister weekend in Vienna

Hi guys, just a small blogpost about my weekend trip to Vienna, earlier this month.

We didn't actually know where we were going, as it was a sprsme trip! So that was exciting, also a little stressful, as normally we are both planners when going on a trip :)

At the airport, we got the reveal of our destination and were pretty stoked! We immediately looked up some hotspots and to do's and checked in after.

When we arrived, we took an uber to our hotel, which was located on a central locaties, which was very good. We installed and went out, strolling around, seeing the nice buildings and architecture. In the evening, we went to have dinner at a nice spot and just talked and talked. After, we were quite tired, so we just went back to our hotel room, relaxed and discussed our plans for the next day.

On Saturday, we had breakfast at Elrich, a hotspot in Vienna. The avocado toast was very nice and we had a good start of the day. After, we strolled around the nice neighbourhoods & parks and saw a lot of other nice buildings. The weather was actually very good that weekend, it was very sunny and actually warm! For lunch, we went to a beach bar, next to the river. We had some nice food and drinks and just relaxed. There was a photobooth, so of course we had to take some pictures there :) We also went to Schloss Schönbrunn and went for a nice ice cream on our way back to the subway. In the evening, we had a reservation at an Asian spot which was also very very good.

The next and last day, we had breakfast at a very nice spot at Naschmarkt. The sun was still shining so that was very nice. At noon, we had to be at the airport, and fly back to Belgium. In the evening we were back home.

It was a short, but very nice trip and we really loved to discover the city!

See you again next time!

26 weergaven


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