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Texture the brand 2.0

Hi there!

As you started reading this blogpost, I guess you're interested in the title saying 'Texture the brand 2.0'.

As you may already know (or not), I started my brand Texture the brand in February this year. So only 5 months ago. I got a lot of support from my friends and family and as they liked the products, I started to sell them. Selling these handmade candles turned out into a much bigger collection of 100% handmade things, like candles, coasters, jewellery and some other decoration stuff. I have a lot of other ideas in my head, so there will be some other products launched in the future, that's for sure. There's always a new thing to be creative with or a new trend to hop on, and that's the thing I like the most, developing every day and also learning something new every day.

Next Monday, the 28th of June, it's my birthday and I'm turning 25! As it's also the launching date of my brand new webshop (, I offer 25% off on all products this week, so take a look and enjoy some online shopping, while supporting a local brand! And as a plus, for those of you who don't know this little fact yet, for every candle sold, €1 goes to 'Kom Op Tegen Kanker' ♡

It has been a really busy month, as I'm busy with a fulltime job, I'm doing some freelance influencer marketing work for some projects (click here & let me know if you want to work on something together or just get my ideas and viewing point on an idea you have in mind), I'm building my own webshop by myself & there's another big project on its way.

I'm very proud to be able to say that (a selection of) our products will be available in the 6 Juttu shops all over the country and on their webshop this summer, from the 19th of July. It was an opportunity that came around, and I just jumped on it. I really believe that everything happens for a reason, so we'll see what our next opportunities will be. I'm very excited for this one, I hope you guys are too!

If you guys have some feedback on the website, or an idea for a new product, let me know!

I really hope you guys love our products as much as we do, and I can't wait to see them shine in your interiors!

Don't forget to tag us @texturethebrand everywhere! ♡

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