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Texture the brand: new project

Hi there

As you clicked on this post, I guess you're curious to read more about my new project I've been working on for some time. As a kid, I always did some creative things with my mom and sister, such as making soap, baking cupcakes, doing arts and crafts, sew clothing, making candles,... We loved to be creative in our leisure. In the last months, we all had some more free time than usual, so at home, we started being creative again. And that's how the last thing that I mentioned before, making candles, popped up in my mind again. I saw some accounts on Instagram that made a hip variant of them, and I was thinking 'I can also do that'. And as I have the time right now, I fully jumped on it. I got the read a lot about all the different products to use for making a candle, started looking for different molds and just read everything I could find about this topic on the internet. First of all, there's not a lot of shops to find in Belgium that sell the products you need. There's definitely some research invested in this whole process. And we can also say there's a lot of trial and error involved, regarding to get the right texture (yes that's the name), color and the technical issues you discover during the process.

Something more about the name 'Texture the brand'. As you may or not know, I've been wanting to start something for myself for a long time. And as that's always something that's in my mind, especially when I lay in bed at night, I write all the things I think of down in a note on my phone. I have different names for my different concepts, and I thought this one was right for this one. I've always loved to touch different fabrics with different textures. I'm the person that likes to feel all the different textures in for example a clothing store, or in a fabric store. And I also chose this name, because there's place for some expansion later in time. So for now I describe it as my 'lifestyle brand' where I sell some hand made hip candles that are a good fit for your interior. And for every candle sold, there's going €1 to 'Kom op tegen kanker', an initiative that's very close to my heart. Unfortunately I lost some people to this illness in my life already, and there's also the 'BRCA-gen' that's in our family. So this charity immediately looked like the right fit for me.

Tomorrow, I will launch our first candle, in my opinion a very cool one that's a hip adding to your interior. But of course, I'm busy experimenting making other shapes. And you will hear from them very soon.

Check out my Instagram to hear from them first and if you want to get one, just DM me on the gram!

I'm very excited for this small new project that I invest a lot of time in, and I really can't wait for you guys to check it out and to see our candles getting a place in your interiors! Don't forget to tag us @texturethebrand :)

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