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Week 9

Hi everybody!

Week 9 already! I actually did a lot of things this past week.

On Sunday, I didn't do much, I facetimed my parents and did my laundry. The rest of the day I chilled and watched some Netflix.

Monday, it was the start of a short workweek for me). I had lunch with my co-intern Ana Sofia and we went to by chloe for the most amazing sweet potato fries. In the evening I chilled again and watched some netflix again, oops. On Tuesday, it was the day that my friend, Amelie arrived, she's here for a week. In the evening it was movie night in our residence and we watched the (kind of weird) movie 'All i see is you' with Blake Lively. On Wednesday I worked and in the evening we watched some tv, on Thursday I worked from home until noon and after, I met Amelie in Soho to have some lunch. It was pretty delicious! We also did some shopping in Soho (i love the neighborhood there). We went to the Topshop and the H&M. When I was in the fitting room, I heard a woman speak to her baby that was sitting in the buggy, so cute. But no it seemed to be a dog haha, in a buggy, she was really speaking to him as if it was a baby! You can find some crazy people over here, that's for sure! We also went to the artist & fleas market, such a cool place! Different little brands are put in one big space and you can buy all of their cool stuff. I first bought something for my mum and then for my brother. So I told myself to buy something for every family member, as they are coming to visit me in two weeks! In the evening we ordered some pizza & watched some tv, we watched our Belgian 'temptation island', with which we laughed a lot ofcourse :) On Friday we overslept and missed the breakfast at the residence, so we went to the Butchers daughter to have some brunch, pretty mjummie! The weather actually really sucked! It was raining so heavily, there was so much wind and it also snowed a little. Not the kind of weather to be outside. After, we went to a tattoo place and I did something that I actually already wanted to do for a long time. I had my first (and only) small tattoo, a little moon! (When the tattoo is all healed, you will definitely see a picture on my instagram of that, ofcourse :). But ahhhh I did it! It was also a cool experience to get the tattoo here, in the city! After, we took a cab to Magnolia bakery and got the most delicious banana pudding ever! We ate it at the residence, while watching some ANTM. In the evening we watched some netflix (actually started a new series: 'Imposters', kind of cool) and drank some wine. I also facetimed my sis who is in Australia for the moment! It's summer there so so unfair haha!

On Saturday, we (4 belgian girls) went to the top of the rock and took a lottttt of pictures there! We had an amazing view over the city and I loved it. We actually want to go back when the weather is better because now we couldn't get on the highest deck. It was kind of hard to take pictures there because there are also a lot of other people ofcourse :) After, we walked the highline and went to Chelsea market. We also ate the best (& biggest) pizza at Artichokes pizza, so good! It was kind of way too much, so we ate enough for the whole day. After we walked a little and shopped (not for me, I watched the others shopping haha). We chilled in our room for some time and after, we went out to a cool bar called Beauty bar. So funny and the music was so fun, from the 80's and stuff. When we got home I facetimed my mum who just got up, so funny haha!

Today we will go the Williamsburg and just walk there. We'll also go to the Brooklyn Bridge and discover the neighborhood over there. Tomorrow it's workweek again. But in two weeks my family is here! And I'm so excited to show them around, have an amazing time together and just talk to them in real life :) ❤️

See you next week!


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